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Sustainable cuisine.

When choosing culinary herbs and vegetables, little is more important than flavor. Over the years many chefs have focused on sustainable, local and organic cuisine to provide their customers with the highest culinary quality. Here is a list of some of those restaurants, including some that we supply, all of which we highly recommend.

Blackbird (Chicago, Illinois)
Over the last ten years Executive Chef Paul Kahan has built Blackbird into one of Chicago's hottest restaurants by focusing on clean, fresh flavors and highly seasonal cuisine. Local ingredients are sourced from Kahan's backyard garden, and from the sustainably managed farms that he is committed to supporting.

Cafe Pasqual's (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
In the heart of downtown Santa Fe, Pasqual's has become an institution for locals and tourists alike. Expect extraordinary but casual dining with a fresh, local flavor.

Chez Panisse (Berkeley, California)
Owner and cookbook author Alice Waters has championed small, local organic farms and ranches since she opened this restaurant with a group of friends in 1971. The set menu format offers an ever-changing fixed-price meal that reflects Waters' passion for offering only high-quality, seasonal ingredients.

Dragonfly Cafe (Taos, New Mexico)
Known for its premium-quality food, the Dragonfly serves breakfast and lunch delicacies based on fresh, local, and organic ingredients.

Earth Bistro (Temecula, California)
The location used to house the vegan-friendly Pizza Fusion Restaurant (same owners), who are actually vegan themselves. They changed up the menu a bit and added build-your-own burgers and pizzas, and oven fries. The menu is omni but clearly marks lots of vegan options, as well as many gluten free options. They use organic ingredients as much as possible and do their best to source local produce. Their pizzas and salads are enhanced with the flavor and aroma of our Organic Basil that is Aqua Grown™.

Flea Street Cafe (Menlo Park, California)
For over thirty years, owner, chef, and cookbook author Jesse Cool has supported local, sustainable, organic food in her restaurants. At the Flea Street Cafe, diners will find a bevy of local ingredients lovingly prepared and, on most nights, a taste of something from the chef's extensive organic gardens.

Frontera Grill (Chicago, Illinois)
Owner Rick Bayless has earned fame through his many cookbooks and as host of the television series "Mexico - One Plate at a Time." He's also earned respect as a tireless supporter of local foods, which you'll find on the menu of Frontera Grill, as well as his other restaurants Topolobampo and Frontera Fresco.

Greens Restaurant (San Francisco, California)
Almost three decades ago, Greens opened as a pioneer in the restaurant world and helped to establish high profile vegetarian dining in the United States. Today Chef Annie Sommerville continues to craft local and organic food into remarkable vegetarian cuisine.

Joseph's Table (Taos, New Mexico)
Owner and Executive Chef Joseph Wrede is renowned for his ability to combine worldwide influences with local traditions. Selected as one of America's "Best New Chefs" by Food and Wine Magazine, Wrede delights diners with creative, often seasonal cuisine in the heart of downtown Taos.

Nora's Restaurant (Washington D.C.)
Certified in 1999 as America's first organic restaurant, Nora's features a menu of fresh, seasonal foods prepared with health and balance in mind. Owner and chef Nora Pouillion has promoted local farmers and producers for over 25 years, and is a frequent visitor to D.C.'s many farmers' markets.